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Education to Save the World | Environmental Campaigns in India

Education is an essential component for social development and fundamental right of human Being. Educated society will help to improve the condition of exploitation of children and also help to break the cycle of poverty.
Out of 800 million illiterate people all over the world, India has 34% illiterate population. Indian government should take right decision to give education and reduce the percentage of illiterate people.

Poverty is the main issue to get education. Most of the people suffered from this poverty. They are not able to get education but they don’t know government helps to give free education to the people who live in below poverty line.

If the person is not well educated then he/she will be illiterate and they don’t know how to tackle various situations in different condition at that time they done unnecessary thing which is not good for the world.

Education is essential for all the people because education provides you self respect in the society and tell how to respect other, how to talk, how to walk etc. Educated people will never go in wrong in direction that means they will not do any unnecessary things which is not beneficial for the society and the other people.

As we know our nation future is based on well educated people. If people will educate then he will do good things for the society. Because most of the educated people wants to be a social worker but if they don’t educated then he will do nothing for the society. It is environmental education which helps to make benefits to society, conceptual connection between economic prosperity, environmental health and of course for themselves.

Government made one rule for colleges. In colleges there is one compulsory subject for all the streams that is Environmental studies, this subject is so important for the students because if they not cleared this subject then they will never pass out in the examination. In this subject they get the education regarding environment like how to save trees, plants, animals, human being etc. which helps people to know regarding the environment and make good human being.

  • Environmental education help student to involve in science.
  • Environmental education also help student to achieve goals in their core subjects.

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